Easy-peasy lemon squeezy: This blender comes with a juicer on its lid

Put the lime in the (blended) coconut with a combination juicer-blender

easy peasy lemon squeezy blender comes juicer lid breville hemisphere twist header

Personally, we find a little squeeze of lemon a refreshing addition to our morning smoothie. And the thought of a blended margarita with fresh lime is almost enough to chase the polar vortex blues away. (Portland: Ask us about our ice pellets.)

Usually such concoctions require wringing every last drop out of citrus fruit via a juicer, then transporting that sweet, sweet (well, sour) liquid to the blender. A recipe for disaster, if you ask us. Plus it’s invariable that more juice will end up on the counter than in the container. It’s just a mess.

As though in answered to our woes, Breville came up with a solution. Realizing they make both juicers and blenders, the company decided to combine the two with the Hemisphere Twist Blender. The lid is equipped with a citrus cone and opening to deposit juice into the blender.

One of Breville’s “hemisphere” designs, the four-speed blender uses a contoured pitcher and surgical-grade stainless steel central blades to create a vortex of its own.

The blender is currently on sale at Williams-Sonoma for $130.

Sure, fresh-squeezed-daiquiri weather may be months away, but if you’re in the market for a new blender, think of the twist you can put on soup recipes. And one less dish to wash is one less dish to wash.