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Ecovacs introduces three new robot vacuums for homes of all sizes

Ecovacs is one of the biggest names in the world of robot vacuums, and it’s looking to continue that dominance in 2023 with three new product launches. Ranging in price from $650 to $1,300, the trio of DEEBOT robot vacuums is designed for smart homes of different sizes and different needs, ensuring there’s something for every family.

The Deebot T10 Omni is the most compelling of the three — and it’s also the most expensive at $1,300. It brings a lot to the table, however, as it features the new Ozmo Turbo 2.0 mopping system with spinning brushes, the ability to take voice commands without a third-party product, and a docking station with auto-cleaning and auto-emptying capabilities. It’s designed for homes of all sizes, but it should be the most enticing for large families that see plenty of foot traffic (or paw traffic) through their house.

The new ECOVACS products on a kitchen floor.
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The Deebot T9+ is also designed for busy households, and it even includes a built-in air freshener to help remove odors from your home as it cleans. Ecovacs says the T9+ was built with small children in mind, as its detection system has been crafted to avoid “unvacuumables” such as toys, keys, or any other small knick-knacks left on the floor. It’s not quite as advanced as the T10 Omni, but it still offers both vacuuming and mopping skills to clean your entire home — and its $800 price tag is a bit more palatable.

Ecovacs’ lowest-priced new reveal is the Deebot N10 PLUS, which is built for smaller apartments or households that are less chaotic. With the ability to both mop and vacuum simultaneously (thanks to an Ozmo system similar to that on the T10 Omni), the N10 Plus can clean your entire home without any manual input. It also features TrueMapping technology, allowing it to properly scan every inch of your home to provide optimal cleaning. Best of all, it comes with a docking station that allows the robot to empty itself for months. The Deebot N10 Plus costs $650, putting it at the high end of the market for an entry-level robot vacuum and mop, although it does bring some advanced features to your home.

All three robot vacuums are available today on the Ecovacs website, but be sure to check out our other favorite robot vacuums before making a purchase.

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