Warm up your bed using only your voice, thanks to Eight and Alexa

Pillow talk has never been quite so … effective.

Thanks to a new integration with Amazon’s Alexa, the smart mattresses from sleep tech company Eight can now be controlled with your voice. With a new Alexa skill, Eight’s sleep-tech products are compatible with the Amazon Echo, the Amazon Echo Dot, and other Alexa-enabled devices. Both the Smart Mattress collection and the Smart Mattress Cover from the New York-based company will respond to your voice commands.

“With more than 10 million Amazon Echo and Dot users, we saw a demand for a seamless smart home experience to be brought also to the bedroom,” Eight CEO Matteo Franceschetti said in a statement. “Eight is leading the sleep industry into the era of personalized and optimized sleep and our integration with Alexa was a natural progression for our products. By adding this capability, we are offering customers a fully integrated sleep system that fits unintrusively into their lives.”

With the new Eight skill, Smart Mattress users can ask Alexa to do things like change their bed’s temperature with commands like, “Alexa, Warm up the left side of the bed,” or simpler still, “Alexa, my bed is too cold.” Alternatively, restless sleepers can look into their sleeping habits by saying, “Alexa, How did I sleep last night?” or “Alexa, What’s my sleep score?”

Eight anticipates the release of even more commands later in 2017, which will allow for more robust interactions between its smart products and the virtual assistant. Already, the company’s products are equipped to be integrated with all Internet of Things devices by way of If This Then That but the Alexa integration serves as perhaps the most user-friendly addition when it comes to usability.

If you are interested in an Eight Smart Mattress, which promises to be the only smart technology bed delivered using the bed in a box model, you can check out models for as low as $700. And if you just want to make your existing mattress a smart mattress, you can grab the Eight Smart Cover for $400. Mattresses and mattress covers are available on eightsleep.com, Costco.com, BestBuy.com and at select Best Buy retail locations.

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