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Shape-shifting Electrolux Pure F9 cordless vacuum cleaner adjusts to the job

Electrolux announced the Pure F9 cordless vacuum with two technology promises: enough battery power to handle a full house on one charge and transformable design features that capture the best of both traditional models and stick vacuums.

“The Pure F9 is versatile like nothing we’ve seen before. It’s cordless, powerful, and can handle everything from floor surfaces to curtains – an entire house from bottom to top, all on a single charge. It’s a vacuum for the way we live today,” said Ola Nilsson, Head of Electrolux business area Home Care and Small Domestic Appliances.

As you can see in the video at the top of this story, the Pure F9’s main body slides up and down the handle. The vacuum position shifts let you slide the head under furniture, extract a pullout hose to use with accessories, and even work as handheld vacuum — albeit a large, two-handed version.

You can also adjust the height of the handle to your comfort. When you finish with the Pure F9, you can stand it up in a closet or anywhere you want, with no need to hang it, lean it, or store it horizontally.

According to an Electrolux press release, the suction power adjusts automatically, sensing hard surfaces such as floors or walls and softer areas like carpeting, curtains, bedding, or even delicate lampshades.

The Pure F9 announcement also mentioned Electrolux’s focus on and investment in battery technology for applications with vacuum cleaners. The company’s interest in battery-operated cordless vacuums stemmed from customer insights, also the source of many of the Pure F9’s features.

“We know that consumers are demanding simple, flexible, and compact vacuuming with innovative design. That’s why we’re investing even more within cordless and look forward to new launches within this product category in the coming years,” said Nilsson.

Electrolux will introduce the Pure F9 under the Electrolux and AEG brand at the IFA fair in Berlin on August 31, 2018. The Pure F9 will be in stores in Europe and the Asia Pacific region first, beginning in September.

At press time specifics like weight, battery charging and operating times, and price were not available, but we’ll loop back with those details following the launch later this month.

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