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Escali’s SmartConnect kitchen scale estimates the nutrients in your food

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Regular old kitchen scales are great if you’re looking to limit your portions or complete recipes with very specific amounts of ingredients, but if you’re aiming to keep tabs on your nutritional intake, they typically fall a bit short.

In fact, most devices that are designed to track your nutrition tend to fall short – they’re either easy to use but inaccurate, or accurate and cumbersome to use. Escali’s latest kitchen scale, however, makes nutrition tracking easier than ever. Here’s how it works:

You start by syncing the scale with a smartphone or tablet via Escali’s SmartConnect app. Then, just chop up your food like you normally would and place it on top of the scale. After measuring the food’s weight, the scale will wirelessly beam that information to the app via Bluetooth LE. At this point, the app will prompt you to disclose which particular food you’re weighing from a list of over 8000 different items. Drawing from this database of nutritional information and the weight of the food on the scale, the app can reliably estimate the nutritional value of what you’re preparing – everything from fats, carbs, and protein, to the approximate amount of vitamins and minerals

It’s definitely not perfect, and still requires you to do a little bit of legwork, but it’s arguably one of the simplest nutrition tracking systems we’ve come across. As an added bonus, since data collected by the SmartConnect app can sync with multiple Escali devices, information from your kitchen scale can easily be compared with info from your bathroom scale, making it easier to see the impact that your diet has on your body weight.

The SmartConnect kitchen scale is currently available on Escali’s website for around $100 bucks. Find out more here.

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