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Anker’s Eufy Video Smart Lock combines two of the best smart home devices

eufy by Anker Security Video Smart Lock installed on corner.

“This content was produced in partnership with Anker.”

Typically, a video or smart doorbell allows you to see a live feed who is at your front door and communicate with them. A smart lock allows you to remotely lock and unlock your door and track when it’s opened. If you pick the right devices, they sync up so you can interact with who’s at your door or let them in while you’re miles away. If you have any experience with smart home devices, you know that sounds great in theory, but getting the tech to play nice is another story.

There’s an easier solution: Combine devices to create one seamless security system. That’s what Anker’s eufy Security Video Smart Lock does. It is designed with a 2K camera, two-way voice capabilities, smart lock features with fingerprint security, and advanced Video Doorbell detection technology, all wrapped into one device.

After installing, you can remotely unlock or lock your door, or watch from a live video feed the whole time. The video is clear, night or day, thanks to the 2K-quality Full-HD resolution, a wide 160-degree field-of-view, and infrared lights for the camera and detection system. You’ll get entrance and exit notifications, with enhanced motion detection if someone, or something, is near your door. You can unlock the system using a passcode or your fingerprint, and the biometrics have a quick response — it takes under 0.3 seconds. Package courier at your door? You can unlock it and make sure they put the parcel(s) inside and then re-lock the door. Kids get home earlier than expected? You can let them in and make sure they’re safely tucked away inside. If all of that sounds great, then starting March 2, you can pre-order eufy Security Video Smart Lock on Kickstarter. Super Early Bird backers get 50% off at $199, Early Birds get 40% off at $229, and all Kickstarter orders after that get 30% off at $269. You can check out the offers below, or keep reading for more detail on how the system works.

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The kit includes three separate devices: The smart doorbell, a deadbolt, and a chime. The doorbell includes the camera and an authentication system — both passcode and fingerprint-based. When you walk up to your door, you can unlock the deadbolt using your fingerprint, code, or smartphone. If you’re not home, you can use the camera to see who’s at your door, communicate with them, and either let them in or keep the door securely locked.

eufy by Anker Security Video Smart Lock on wood wall.

When someone approaches your door, a motion detection system will send you an alert. That way, you can see who’s at your home, even if they’re soliciting or leaving something behind without knocking or ringing the bell. An A.I. human detection system filters those alerts as well, so you won’t get unnecessary notifications about trees, animals, and cars. All recorded footage is stored locally, and securely, on the system — there are no extra subscriptions or fees.

Here are just a few things you can do with the eufy Security Video Smart Lock:

  • Make sure couriers deliver packages inside your home.
  • Check who’s at your door without answering.
  • Communicate with someone at your door.
  • Record who’s coming and going, including solicitors.
  • Check on your home remotely from miles away.
  • Allow friends or family inside your home while you’re away.

Moreover, the system is IP65 waterproof rated, so it can withstand the elements and maintain peak performance. The Video Smart Lock has also earned BHMA certification and will lock and unlock successfully over 200,000 times throughout its lifetime.

This system combines two useful smart home devices into one. Usually, a “video doorbell is just that, a doorbell without a secure locking mechanism” as eufy’s Security General Manager, Frank Zhu, describes, but this device also “dramatically cuts down on false alarms and provides video storage at no extra cost.” The 2K video camera ensures you’ll get a live feed, or clear recording thanks to the 160-degree wide field-of-view.

As with most eufy security devices, the Video Smart Lock will be available to pre-order on Kickstarter, starting March 2. Normally $390, Super Early Bird buyers will get 50% off at $199, Early Bird backers will get 40% off at $229, and everyone else will get 30% off during the pre-order period for a total cost of $269. Pre-orders end April 17, so if you’re interested, get those in while you can!

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