Euro Online Banking Not Secure Enough

Euro Online Banking Not Secure EnoughIn Europe people tend to visit the website of their bank more often than anywhere else online – followed by retail sites.   But a new survey, run across Europe by YouGov and commissioned by VeriSign, also showed that the customers don’t believe those banks, along with credit cardcompanies and retail sites are doing a good enough job of protecting personal information, according to Vnunet.   Although 80% of online shoppers in Denmark(along with 77% in Sweden, 72% in France, 65% in the UK and 57% in Germany) log on at least weekly to sites where they reveal person information, in many instances less than half of them believe thattheir information is being adequately safeguarded.   Additionally, they feel the responsibility for that protection should lie with the bank, credit card company, or retail site, rather thanwith the customer.   VeriSign’s SSL manager, Jon Kerr, said,   "We are seeing more and more theft of consumers’ personal information. The study shows that online customers arebecoming more aware of the risks involved in passing on their details over sites that may not be secure. It is the organizations that will fail to benefit as they will lose out on an increasinglyskeptical customer base who expect their online safety to be taken care of."

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