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Ezviz Mini is a small security camera with an equally small price tag

It’s not the size that matters for the Ezviz Mini, a cloud-driven security camera introduced Thursday. The new security tool aims to allow family and friends to stay connected, and to keep homes secure, at an affordable price.

The small indoor security camera weighs less than four ounces and measures only 3.5 inches. Its petite packaging doesn’t detract from its functionality, though. Ezviz Mini is equipped with Wi-Fi and enables users to monitor their home or small business by live video. The Mini features a built-in microphone for audio recording and playback, plus a 115-degree viewing angle.

Both video quality and privacy were taken into account when creating the Mini. Videos are 720p HD and night vision works for distances of up to 30 feet. Meanwhile, videos are encrypted directly on the camera and can be streamed securely to the Ezviz cloud or the device of your choice. To store videos, users also have the option of saving them to the cloud or on a microSD memory card.

Along with checking in on their home and loved ones, users can elect to receive alerts on their iOS or Android device through the free app when unexpected motion is detected. This capability comes courtesy of the Mini’s built-in Smart Motion Detection.  A schedule can also be set up so that users only receive alerts when they want them.

With a price tag of $70, Ezviz Mini costs about a third of its competitors, like the $199 Dropcam. In addition to the cost of the camera, though, users must also subscribe to Ezviz. The company offers multiple subscription options, starting as low as $5 per month or $50 per year. The first year of cloud storage, however, is included at no charge.

The announcement comes at an interesting time, because Perch just announced a beta version of its software yesterday. The Android app lets you turn an old smartphone into a security camera, and users who sign up during the first month get free seven-day cloud storage. It’s definitely a cheaper solution, but it does mean you have to leave phones strategically placed all over the house to get full home monitoring.

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