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FCC filing reveals mysterious new Google device, but no one knows what it’s for

Google Home Mini

A new Google media device has appeared in information on the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) website, but so far no one is quite sure what the device is or what it will do.

The FCC information was discovered under Google’s FCC ID by Droid Life. The device is listed only as A4RH2B, or model number H2B. It is speculated to be a Google Home device because of its similarity to previous model numbers. Per Droid Life, Google Home Mini was H0A, Google Home Max was H0B, Home Hub was H1A, and the Nest Hub Max is H2A.

The likelihood is good that the new device is either for the Google Home or Nest product lines. And there are some more clues about what it could be based on the information on the FCC site.

Firstly, this schematic of the bottom of the device appeared on the FCC information:


The rounded shape suggests it is designed to be placed on a flat surface and possibly to be visually attractive from the front and the back, which is important for a device intended to be on display in people’s homes. But the image doesn’t have any indication of scale, so the device could be of any size.

Secondly, the FCC tested the device for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities. The information reveals that the device has a lithium ion battery, suggesting it needs to be plugged in and charged because there is no internal power source. Alternatively, it could take replaceable batteries.

Another clue is in the fact that the FCC label information appears printed on the bottom of the device. Droid Life suggests this means the device may not have a screen. When a device has a screen, this information typically appears as an e-label buried somewhere within the software. This is the case with the Nest Hub Max.

Finally, in the general description part of the FCC information, the device is described as a “Media Device.” Previous devices like the Home Hub were described as “Video Streaming Device” so the new device could be something different.

Some of the suggestions for what the device could be include a portable in-car device, a home security device of some kind, or a smart remote. For now, it’s anyone’s guess what the new mystery device is for.

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