Filson crafts the perfect steel and leather flask

filson crafts the perfect steel and leather flask 69030 main 200

Let’s face it, everyone needs a flask. Despite its commonality, we don’t recommend buying some cheap version with a logo on it at your local liquor store or kitschy gift shop. Unless you lose it in a drunken stupor, you are going to have your flask for a long time, so it might as well be a good one. We like the looks of this Leather & Stainless Steel Flask ($67) from the fine craftsmen over at Filson. This heritage brand makes all of their products in the highest quality materials, with an unbeatable guarantee, and this classic flask is no exception. Made from stainless steel and dark brown Bridle leather, the flask looks like something every rugged man should own and use into old age. The simple design features topstitching, an embossed Filson logo, and an easy-open screw top with a handy hinged keeper. The flask holds 6 fluid ounces, just enough to keep you happy for a night. It would make a pretty great gift, too.