Finally Bulb gives the best of incandescent light without the wasted energy

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Finally Bulb
Energy efficiency, especially in its nascent stages, always seems to come with some rather unfortunate trade-offs. There was the early electric car, which was not only ridiculously expensive, but also rather inconvenient to charge and keep running. And there was the solar panel, which was great in theory, but then again, only worked when it was sunny outside. But now, in the light bulb world, one new technology may have solved the problem with the harsh lighting that often comes as a side-effect of energy-efficient LED and CFL bulbs. Say hello to Finally Bulbs, the first light bulb to use acandescent technology to replicate the look and feel of the traditional incandescent bulb while staying easy on the environment and your wallet.

The Finally Bulb and its Acandescent technology is the product of former General Electric and Osram Sylvania heads of research, who developed a new method to mimic the warm, soft glow of incandescent light while keeping energy efficiency at the forefront. Two years after beginning their quest for this new technology, their scientists found success, creating a bulb that is longer lasting, less wasteful than the traditional bulb, and easily affordable.

The bulb, which will be available in July, retails for $9.99, consumes only 14.5 watts, and has a rated life of 15,000 hours. With a 10-year limited warranty, the scientists behind the light bulb are confident in its effectiveness and efficiency. The Finally Bulb has adopted much of the same aesthetic as the typical incandescent, with the same shape, fixture fitting, and omnidirectional, high-quality light needed to make a house feel more like a home.

The man behind Finally Bulb is no stranger to revolutionary and practical ideas — John Goscha, the founder and CEO of Finally Bulb, is perhaps best known for IdeaPaint, a roller applied paint that transforms any smooth surface into a dry-erase board. Less than 10 years after first launching, IdeaPaint is used by over 75,000 organizations across 20 countries. But now, Goscha is looking to put another product on Lowe’s shelves — the Finally Bulb, which will finally let you have the best of both worlds when it comes to energy efficient lighting.

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