Finally, we have found a purse any man should be proud to carry

finally weve found first purse man proud carry drinksbag 1

Remember how embarrassing it used to be when you would go to the movies with your mom, and she would stuff her big bag with candies and sodas? It turns out mom was a genius. She knew nobody would ever check her bag and she could creatively avoid the high prices at the concessions stand. Fast-forward to adulthood, don’t you wish your mom could still be next to you at a party with her big bag of treats (minus your mom)? If you’re man-enough to carry such a bag, then a company called DrinksBag has created a purse that you can use to hold whatever beverage you have a thirst for.

A flap opens to reveal a spigot for dispensing your beverage.
A flap opens to reveal a spigot for dispensing your beverage.

The DrinksBag Cosmopolitan was designed by a lady for ladies who like to drink. But the concept isn’t just about getting sloshed, as there’s a practical reason for it. Its inventor created the bag due to the fact that she and her friends couldn’t sneak in alcohol to concerts, festivals, and other events. Plus, she found it unattractive to carry wine in a backpack after getting all dressed up to go out. 

An insulated lining within the Cosmopolitan keeps your beverage nice and cool. A flap on one side opens to reveal a spout for dispensing your booze. Because the bag was designed to be sophisticated, there are compartments inside for utensils and glasses (avoid glass, please). The Cosmopolitan is made out of a smooth PVC material, which is unfortunate as it’s not very environmentally friendly, but it keeps the price down and is washable should you flood the inside with Sauvignon Blanc or Jack Daniels. 

That's not water.
That’s not water.

The Cosmopolitan comes in four colors at launch: beige, blue, purple, and red. While some colors could be considered neutral, there’s a very feminine quality to the overall design – after all, that’s the reason for its existence. Each bag sells for £45, which is about $72 USD, and it goes on sale today.

If you’re not confident enough to carry such a bag, consider getting it as a gift for your other half. Strategically, think of the upside. The next time your girlfriend or wife asks you to hold her bag while she shops, you can take comfort in knowing that spigot on the bag leads to the whiskey, bourbon, or whatever liquid gold you fill it with. And that would make any mall excursion more tolerable.


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