Find some alone time in the Hush armchair pod

Today’s technology-driven world is constantly chipping away at what people consider private. With our lives continually updated on Facebook and Twitter, it’s easy for us to always be in contact with others, which leaves less time and space for introverted personal time.

British designer Freyja Sewell sought to find away for people to create their own space with her womb-like chair-pod, the Hush. The Hush pod creates an enclosed space that provides “a personal retreat, an escape into a dark, quiet natural space, or state of mind.”

Made from 100-percent wool felt, the pod can be closed into the womb shape or opened to reveal a bean bag-esque chair with recycled-wool, fiber-stuffed cushions. Hush pods are sewn by hand from one giant piece of wool, which is cut by water jets. Yes, a device literally shoots water at a high enough velocity and pressure to cut material; it’s generally used on fabrics and materials that are sensitive to the heat from other forms of cutting. Sometimes, the process is aided by adding an abrasive substance, like aluminum oxide, to the water. Supposedly, it keeps the material from being affected by heat and allowing it to keep its structure.

Currently, Hush pods are only available for commercial use, but Sewell has stated that she is working on making it available to consumers.