Fit Wet hot tub cycling machine is the stuff nightmares are made of

fitwet hot tub cycling machine is the stuff nightmares are made of

There are a lot of trendy exercise fads that pop up every now and then, and I’m not above admitting that I’m always curious to try. Take for example, the SuftSET Fitness waterless surfing class I took back in April. The class may not be a national sensation like your average zumba session, but it was a fun experiment when I had the chance. This Fit Wet cycling workout that combines a stationary bike with a hot tub, however, I just cannot get into. In fact, it just looks so awkward and uncomfortable, I’m not sure anyone could take it seriously especially given the promotional video below.

According to Fit Wet’s philosophy, users can experience 12 times the intensity because water adds a stronger resistance than air, forcing the pedaler to work harder to push through. Okay, logical. Acting as a hot tub hybrid, the Fit Wet is also able to massage your body while you work out so you’re relaxed and invigorated — something most exercises never do. The water jets streaming at your ass while you pedal also help to reduce the appearance of cellulite, rubbing your skin into the perfect, springy consistency it was when you were a wee teenager. Yeah, I don’t know about that. If all it took was some water guns shooting at my thighs, I would be spend all my days in a backyard with a hose, water massaging the living crap out of my legs.

fitwet hot tub cycling machine is the stuff nightmares are made of jetWe’ve seen water exercises where you can jog around the edge of a swimming pool against the current, but just the social aspect of the Fit Wet makes it even more awkward. “Are you a couple or a group of friends?” Why, yes, I’d love to cycle in my bikini while staring into the eyes of my best buddy as we pedal in what looks like an aquarium’s bathroom. How is it even possible that you can spin hard in a tub of water firing into your butt cheeks without making a total, splashy mess? And how does one control their bladder drinking water while submerged in water?

As much as we’d like the Fit Wet to stay a concept, the device recently unveiled a prototype at the Interbike expo in Las Vegas. Fit Wet, if you’re reading, I’ve yet to be converted to a believer. If you can prove otherwise, I’d love to face my fears, take this oddball project out for a spin, and see with my own eyes whether I walk away with an 800 calorie deficit or a pool of sweaty tub water.