Flixi is the picture frame that promises not to damage your walls

Everyone likes to show off photos of their friends and family, but hanging framed pictures can be a chore. Now, Flixi is here to make it easier to spruce up your home with the faces of those you love.

Flixi, which is currently in its Kickstarter phase, is an innovative photo frame that allows you to hang pictures in less than one minute (or so its creators say). Instead of busting out the hammer and nails, all you need is Flixi and a double-sided piece of 3M Command adhesive tape.

The secret of the frame is in its patent-pending WallSnap accessory. The WallSnap is an anchoring system with springy feet that adheres to the wall. It comes with a level to help you make sure it’s perfectly horizontal, and its feet keep the tape from sticking until it’s properly placed.

Once you have the WallSnap centered and affixed, you can add the photo of your choice into the Flixi frame. Flixi comes with a shatter-proof, flexible window that easily slides over the picture to keep it safe. With your photo framed and ready, you can simply place Flixi onto the WallSnap anchor, and voila!

Flixi comes in eight different colors ranging from electric blue to basic black, and it’s composed of a durable ABS resin – the same plastic used to create LEGO blocks. When you’re ready to take it down, you can simply pull on the 3M Command tape to release it from the wall. In the end, you’ll have no holes on damage, which beats beating holes in your walls the way most of us do now.

Not interested in hanging all of your photos? Flixi has a retractable stand that lets you place the frame on a hard surface as well. It comes in three different sizes – 4-by-6 inches, 5-by-7 inches, and 8-by-10 inches. If you’re ready to revamp your interior decor, you can pledge $13 on Flixi’s Kickstarter page, which will get you a 5-by-7 frame of your own by February 2016. Start capturing those memories!