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The Floatti is the world’s first smart suspension ride suitcase

floatti smart suitcase suspension
The world of suitcases and travel gear has experienced a technological revolution in the recent years. We’ve seen a sudden peak in smart luggages as of late — but the Floatti seems to one-up every smart suitcase in the market.

The Floatti is loaded with handy and high-tech features — including a smart handle, built-in charging dock for your device, a digital built-in scale, tracking system, and an SOS alarm. It even comes with a detachable electronic compartment where you can store all of your gadgets. The compartment is easy to yank out once it’s time to go through airport security, too.

One of the stand-out features on the Floatti is its smart handle. This handle allows you to stay connected to your smartphone, putting all of your most used phone features within reach, hopefully eliminating the distractions while you’re on the go. The smart handle allows you to compose voice-to-text messages and Facebook messages, dial a contact, launch map apps, set off an SOS alarm, and play or change music tracks.

The Floatti is built to be the world’s first suitcase to feature suspension engineering, aimed to provide a smoother ride for travelers. Each wheel has a patented damper that makes a difference when moving the suitcase over a bumpy surface. Floatti was designed by Italian designer Andrea Ponti, who utilized premium leather, scratch-resistant coated polycarbonate and aircraft grade aluminum for maximum strength. The suitcase also comes with a color-coded packing system that can be secured inside it keeping clothes tidy and organized throughout your trip.

The Floatti has already raised $84K since launching its Kickstarter campaign on March 29. Early bird specials start at a $250 pledge for carry-ons, and the full-size luggage is starting at $290. Additional features like personalized engraving on the luggage, laptop charger, tracker, and a packing pouch set, are all available starting at $30. Of course, keep in mind that while Kickstarter looks like a store, you’re never fully guaranteed a product. Your pledge is merely to help the company achieve its goals and start production.

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