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These Food Protectors promise to keep your produce from spoiling

Food Protectors | Your Kitchen's Heroes
We’ve all been there — in an over-zealous attempt to support those farmers’ markets or local organic grocers, we purchase enough produce to last a lifetime (or at least several weeks). The problem, of course, is that all those beautiful fruits and vegetables won’t actually stay fresh for that long, and despite all our eager good intentions, we’ve somehow managed to contribute to the global food waste issue instead. But now, food hoarders and over purchasers, your savior may be here — it comes in the form of a rather adorable food protection system that promises to “preserve your fruits and vegetables for three times longer using organic technologies.”

Aptly named Food Protectors, these kitchen gadgets come in two designs — either an apple or a robot — and feature a proprietary powder that supposedly staves off the spoilage process of your favorite produce. Currently, the products the team behind these kitchen saviors have tested include staples like strawberries, potatoes, and tomatoes, but they’re planning on expanding this list to prolong shelf life by up to a month.

According to Food Protectors’ Kickstarter page, their powerful powder “is the result of carefully designed combinations of our research, actively targeting the exact causes that lead to spoilage in fruits and vegetables.” With a specific focus on the “bacterium, fungus, and mushrooms that have negative effects on each and every produce,” Food Protects promises a “calculated attack on the exact components that harm our kitchens.”

Whether you choose the apple or the robot design, each of these little guys comes with a built-in LED light that will change color from green to red in order to remind you to change the powder packet. And as long as that component is kept fresh, the firm claims that your food will as well.

Already, the team has raised well over $26,000, surpassing its original goal of $20,000. And with four days left in their campaign, you still have time to get in on the action. The early bird price of $25 is 30-percent off of the retail price, so if you’re looking for a way to keep your food fresher longer, this might be a cost-effective solution for you.

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