Forgot your phone charger at home? This desk can help

Between LED lamps, robot printers, and computer speakers, desks can be more of a tangled-wire jungle than a useful workspace. A new desk, designed by Desnahemisfera for Donar d.o.o, can lower that wire count by one. Named the Katedra, the desk has a built-in phone charger, AirCharge, to juice up your cell, wirelessly.

The Slovenian company created a thoroughly modern-looking desk. The white surface is made out of Kerrock, a recyclable material composed of inorganic filler and an acrylic polymeric binder. It rests on a wooden block that conceals a set of three drawers that open with a push.

If you’re worried about overtaxing your phone’s battery, it’s easy to tell when it’s time to disconnect. The charger is connected to an LED; it flashes white in standby mode (hopefully not continually), turns red when you put your phone on the charger, and switches to green when the phone is fully charged.

We dig the desk’s sleek look, and the idea of a built-in charger is appealing. The times we actually remember to bring our phone charger to work definitely do not outnumber the times we forget.

While the desk is listed on Donar’s site, the price isn’t — you have to mail to “request an offer.” We’re guessing that’s code for “pricey,” so you’ll just have to see if Santa imports from Slovenia.