Chop more and drop less with this restaurant-inspired cutting board

Cutting boards can get crowded. They take up valuable real estate on your counter when you’re trying to cook a meal, but they also function as the focal point of your prep work. And it can be hard to cut up a big onion, when half the board is covered in its skin and ends.

Twins Joseph and Johannes Schreiter, an industrial design student and a chef, wanted to make their kitchens more professional and streamlined, starting with the cutting board. They created the Frankfurter Brett, which adds a bunch of containers to a traditional cutting board, making it easier to chop veggies, sweep them into a bin, and transport them to the pan.

Outfitted with brackets made for gastronorm (which is not the food version of normcore, but the universally sized containers often used by caterers), the cutting board has room for lots of small bins or just one large one. If you want to designate one for scraps, one for chopped food, and one for tools, you’ll spend less time transporting things around your kitchen and have a larger surface to work with. Thanks to the bins, the cutting board stays clear of carrot tops and dripping spoons. Plus, because the containers fit into the board, there’s less chance of dropping slivers of leeks as you transport the food into the bin.


There’s also a “display bracket,” where you can keep your frequently used items, like spices and sauces. Each bracket comes with separators, so you can fit in whatever gastronorm bin you like. The bamboo-and-steel Frankfurter Brett (which isn’t dishwasher safe, sadly) comes in three sizes, all available on Kickstarter now: The Mini for $198, the Mono for $253, and the Phoenix for $473. (The creators admit the last one is only for the most fanatical of cooks.)

The campaign is only about $7,000 shy of meeting its $82,774 goal. Unfortunately, most of the early-bird specials are gone; there’s only one for the Mini left as of publishing time. If you want to snag it, you better hurry. Chop, chop!