Galvanized Metal 6-Pack holder brings sophistication to your beverages

galvanized metal 6 pack holder brings sophistication to your beverages

Here in the lifestyle section, we are all about upgrading life’s basics to something a little more fun, refined, or special. Cardboard boxes are really never special, even if they hold your precious 6-pack of beer. This Galvanized Metal 6-Pack Drink Caddy ($30) from the sophisticates over at Pottery Barn definitely qualifies as a bona fide upgrade. The silvery finish and riveted design have the nostalgia of milkman caddies, but you are welcome to use the carrier for beverages of a more fun variety. Whether you are carrying some drinks to a friend’s house or just want a classier way to display your beverage selection at your next barbecue, this caddy makes carrying easier and looks way more legitimate than carrying your beer in a cardboard container or attempting to carry several wine bottles in your arms without breaking one. Of course, you can carry around things like sparkling water in the caddy too, but that’s not nearly as fun. It’s also finished with a protective sealant to make it rust and corrosion resistant.