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GE unveils a full suite of smart home appliances at CES 2015

If you’re going to do something, you might as well fully commit to it. That’s the approach GE decided to take when it comes to the smarthome. The massive, multinational conglomerate and noted appliance maker made its commitment to the future of the connected home clear at CES 2015 by showing off a full lineup of its own smart appliances.

The lineup, launched under the umbrella of GE Profile, aims to make users more in touch with the devices in their homes via mobile devices. GE says the range of products will give users newfound control to complete tasks like “remotely checking if ice is available” and “preheating the oven from the grocery store.”

Liz VerSchure, general manager for GE’s connected appliances, says, “Smartphones are the toolbox where consumers go to manage day-to-day tasks. At GE, we’re using connected appliances to help homeowners maintain their products, save time and give peace of mind.”

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GE’s range of connected appliances will roll out over the course of 2015. Already on the market is a lineup of wall ovens and ranges that are controlled via app. Users can set timers, check cooking status, receive updates when food is done, and turn off the oven from a distance.

The GeoSpring water heater is the first of the currently unavailable appliances to roll out. Available starting February 2015, the 50- and 80-gallon versions of the water heaters will be WiFi compatible and can link up to the GE Connect Plus hub to enable connectivity. This will open up features like scheduling a vacation mode to save energy or adjust the temperature while you’re away.

April brings refrigerators onto the grid. GE’s French door-style bottom-freezer fridge will be available, along with mobile functions like receiving reminders to change the water filter or alerts when the door has been left open. In case of a power outage, the fridge is also be able to alert the user if the temperature is climbing above a set level.

May 2015 is when GE brings its connected laundry washer and dryer to the market. The connected pair keeps users from leaving their laundry in for too long, providing a warning when wrinkles are going to set in on clothes. The app also shows the progress of the wash, how much time is left, and keeps track of how much detergent is left if you own the SmartDispense reservoir.

GE has more planned for later in the year as well, including its connected dishwasher. The appliance alerts users if there’s anything wrong with the wash – the drain getting clogged by excess food, for instance – and monitors performance to ensure that the plates always come out clean.

GE made no mention of price for these devices, and we’re sure getting your home entirely online won’t be a cheap endeavor. Still, if you’re looking to keep in constant contact with every appliance you own, GE’s lineup promises to make sure you always know what’s happening in your house.

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