Gentlewasher washes your delicate clothes with the care they deserve

We all know that grandma knows best, so if grandma washed all her clothes by hand, perhaps you ought to consider the same. But don’t worry — this isn’t your grandma’s washer. Rather, this is the Gentlewasher, heralded as the most sustainable washing device in the world.

Promising the most delicate touch for your most delicate fabrics, the Gentlewasher can clean your lace lingerie, your cashmere sweaters, your silk nightgowns, and just about anything else. While you do have to operate the washer by hand, you will not have to spend hours cleaning your clothes. Rather, the Gentlewasher team says you can wash a load in as little as five minutes. So if you have a big closet and a big heart when it comes to the environment, this may just be the addition to your household you have been waiting for.

Intended to keep you away from the washer when you only have half a load (but a desperate load at that), the Gentlewasher claims to use just 1.9 gallons per cubic feet, and that it is 50 to 100 percent more efficient than your average washing machine. It also requires less detergent, which is not only good for your wallet but for your clothes and the environment, too.

Weighing in at just 24 pounds, you can take this washer with you on camping trips or other adventures that might benefit from clean clothes every now and then. And because the Gentlewasher’s design incorporates lots of ventilation, even if you forget your clothes inside as you are off exploring a new trail, you should not need to worry about mildew or bad smells.

The operation is straightforward — just drop your clothes in, fill the Gentlewasher with water and then turn the crank with your hands. Thanks to the appliance’s patented drum profile, your clothes will be “mixed extensively with water and detergent.” If you have a particularly tough stain, just leave it in the Gentlewasher to soak for about a half hour before you start churning.

You can reserve your Gentlewasher now for $300 from Indiegogo and expect delivery in about two weeks.