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GE Appliance’s UltraFresh front-load washers tackle germs and odors

The biggest problem with front load washing machines is their tendency to stink. Lint and moisture tend to get trapped in the door seal and other areas, creating a strong smell that’s hard to get rid of. In fact, GE Appliances said in a recent press release that for 46% of its customers, mold and odor are their “biggest complaint” about front-load washers. Even more interesting, one in two front-load washer owners switch back to top load washers because of the problem, according to their research. So, the brand came up with a solution. After two years of research, the new line of UltraFresh Front Load Washers were created to fix the odor problem.

“Consumers are searching for solutions and coming up with ways to put a bandage on the issue, like cleaning the washer after each use, wiping down the gasket and most commonly propping the door open,” said Peter Pepe, Vice President, Product Management for laundry at GE Appliances, in a press release. “Our new UltraFresh Front Load washer is the first in the industry to solve for the issues that lead to stink, making care and maintenance along with laundry chores much easier for the consumer.”

Typically, to combat bad smells in a front load you would need to wipe down the door seal after every use, let the drum air out by keeping the door open and give the whole washer a “bath” with a vinegar solution every month. UltraFresh washers were created to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria before it begins with a three-tiered approach. First, the washer was designed so it drains more completely, so less water is left behind. If there’s no water, bacteria doesn’t have a chance to grow. UltraFresh washers have a wider, angled gasket that allows the water to flow away and out of the washer after each wash cycle.

Second, the brand makes sure that the drum and seal dries completely. It does this using the UltraFresh Vent System with OdorBlock button. After a load, you press the button and a venting system pulls in air and dries the inside of the washer. Third, the gasket, dispenser and pump are made with Microban antibacterial technology that prevents bacteria growth.

In addition to the anti-stink technology, there are some other interesting features. The washer can hold a whole bottle of detergent, sense the needs of each load, and dispense the detergent as needed. This reduces waste and lets you wash without touching a detergent bottle for up to 32 loads. It can also connect to your Wi-Fi for remote starts.

Though you may be excited about this new washer, it isn’t available just yet. The UltraFresh Front Load washers will be at your local appliance retailer in January 2020 and range from $899 to $1,199 MSRP.

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