Get ready for Mayan worship with the AzTtec PC case mod

This attention-grabbing case will likely inspire a few double takes. Creator Dan McGrath is responsible for this mod made during a modding contest for the Thermaltake Level 10 GT PC case. While McGrath called his mod the “AzTtec,” he actually took heavy cues from Mayan culture. 

We’ll say: The case totally looks like it could have been ripped straight from the Mayan Pyramids of the Yucatan. While it might look like the AzTtec is carved from stone, it’s actually made from a material called balsa foam which is both easy to manipulate yet sturdy enough to protect. Unlike many plastic foams, Balsa foam does not expand, contract or warp at temperatures below 350 degrees farenheit. 

McGrath says that he tried to make the mod as historically accurate as possible:

I really did my research. I went to every place online I could find, art websites, forums, Google searches, among others. I even went to my local library, yeah, they still have those! I created a sort of collage on several sheets of paper, along with my own drawings, to use as my source material. The only direct copy/transfer I did was the calendar though. I had to have that as close to exact as I could get it. I was really trying to not only do it well but to give it respect. The real calendar, heck even some smaller copies, are very detailed works in themselves. And I refused to make a sham of that effort.

He must have really done his research. 

Above you can check out finished images and detail photos of McGrath’s work. If you’d like to see his process check out his breakdown on Bit-Tech, where you can also see his mods for the mouse and keyboard. Take a look at Bit-Tech’s forums to see his process for those as well.

Photos via McGrath and Bit-Tech.