Give your iPhone a business feel with the Invoxia NVX 610 iPhone Telephone

give your iphone a business feel with the invoxia nvx 610 telephone desktop phone

The iPhone is great, there’s no doubt about it. We use it for just about everything, but there are a few things that it’s just not quite optimized for. One of those things is making extra-long phone calls. If you take work calls on your iPhone you’ve probably realized that it’s not the most comfortable to hold your iPhone up to your ear for an hour-long meeting. It may seem less than current, but having a physical handset for your iPhone can come in handy. The Invoxia NVX 610 iPhone Telephone ($500) gives your smartphone a handset with plenty of bells and whistles for the expensive price tag. 

The handset functions fully as a phone in combination with the dedicated Invoxia iOS app so that you can dial from you iPhone and receive calls directly from the physical handset. The NVX 610 also functions as a charging dock and speaker system, which is a good thing considering the price. It will also ensure that your iPhone doesn’t run out of juice in the middle of that important call.It will also synchronize your business and personal contact lists. Did we mention that it’s really beautiful? The handset has a high-end slick design and even features playful colored magnetic holders for the phone.