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Get the information you need from the Glance Smart Clock — at a glance

GlanceClock: See what you need. Just when you need it.
Multitasking may be the name of the 21st-century game, but for all those times when you need a bit less information, you can take a look at the Glance. It’s a clock that is, of course, more than a clock, in that it seeks to de-clutter your life a bit by presenting you exclusively with the information you need to see. Nothing more, nothing less.

The Glance Clock is described as a smart clock that is “here to help you organize and enjoy your life.” The time-teller syncs with your smartphone, wearable, and connected home device, and then displays only the notifications you need to see. Whether that’s a meeting reminder, your fitness stats, or an Uber alert, Glance gives you important information with a quick peek.

To set up the device, simply download the Glance app (available on both Android and iOS), and connect your smartphone to it via Bluetooth. Then, use the app to select which notifications you want to see and when, and the clock will do the rest.

“During your busy day, Glance Clock will gently alert you of incoming calls, texts, or Uber rides,” the team says. “This sleek device will even show you who is calling, and let you color-code your contacts so you can recognize who’s on the line — at a glance.”

Throughout the day, you can ask the Glance to keep you updated on the weather, ensuring you’re always dressed for the occasion (or at least, for the precipitation). And thanks to Glance’s integration with Alexa, you can visualize the notifications and functions of your various smart-home devices. If you ask Amazon’s virtual assistant a question, you can read the answer on the face of the Glance.

And anything the Glance Clock doesn’t do now, you can help it do later. Create your own functions using open APIs, and contribute value to this smart clock by way of IFTTT recipes and Stringify flows.

With a month left in its campaign, almost 2,000 backers have already helped the Glance blow past its funding goal. You can currently pre-order a Glance for $99 from Indiegogo.

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