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The Glo Gro wants to make growing a garden indoors a breeze

This conversation piece of a lamp isn’t just a looker — it’s a doer, too. Meet the Glo Gro, a decorative LED Étagère floor lamp that’s as useful as it is aesthetically pleasing. Promising to make gardening easier than ever, this is one way to ensure that you still have fresh flowers, plants, and herbs available in the dead of winter.

Promising to give plant enthusiasts the ability to nurture plants indoors, regardless of time, season, or location, the Glo Gro utilizes a powerful integrated 45W LED grow light, effectively recreating photosynthesis. Rather than leaving your plants to the whims of the sun and the weather, you can give them the consistency of this lamp.

While most gardeners have to keep a careful eye on their plants, covering them when winds pick up or the cold comes along, or watering them incessantly when the rain won’t fall, the Glo Gro promises to turn even the blackest of thumbs decidedly green.

According to the Glo Gro team, this unique system emits a special mix of red and blue wavelengths, which is said to optimize a plant’s growth across its many stages of development. And because your seedlings live in a hanging planter, you can adjust your various flowers, vegetables, and herbs as needed, ensuring that the right plants have the right amount of light.

Even if you’re not using the Glo Gro to grow plants, the lamp provides ambient light that can dress up just about any room, and its rather unique design will certainly catch guests’ attention. “From amateur gardeners to horticulturist pros, this is the perfect tool to help grow a variety of greenery,” a Glo Gro spokesperson noted.

Included in the Glo Gro package is a three-way rotary switch for ambient light, the integrated 45W LED grow light, an integrated timer, and a decorative planter with a chain and drainage tray. So if you’ve big plans for growing a garden in your home this winter, this may just be the lamp you’ve been looking for. You can buy a Glo Gro now for the price of $299 from the company website, as well as from Amazon, Wayfair, Bellacor, and Hayneedle.

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