The world’s most expensive vacuum costs a million dollars

gold vacuum costs over 1 million dollar
When we think of luxury home appliances, Sub-Zero fridges and fancy French ranges that cost more than a car come to mind. But even a $46,000 La Cornue can’t compete with a million-dollar vacuum.

While the range is prized for its hand-built quality, the $1,249,994 vacuum looks like any old upright from decades ago… only plated in 24-carat gold. The machine comes with a 10-amp, high-performance motor; a roller-brush attachment; and lifetime warranty. It’s available only through online retailer, and apparently only 100 have been made. Originally made by GoVacuum, the pricey appliance debuted in 2012 with a rather spectacular video. (“It’s 24-carat. Man, I wanna marry it,” are some of the best lyrics.)

Firebox seems hip to the fact that the vacuum is a tad ridiculous, seeing as it’s listed in the WTF category on the site. The section is also home to a 24-carat-gold bike ($390,623), a $31,250 replica of the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones, and an interactive periodic table of swearing that costs $78,125. Or you could just blow $109,374 on an electric DeLorean, Flux Capacitor not included.

The retailer bills itself as being not for everyone and only selling very unique items. Not everything costs as much as a college education, though. Much of what they sell is in the vein of Think Geek. Just in the home and lifestyle section, we found Scrabble lights ($31), a device that turns your bathtub into a disco party ($13), a mug that looks like Mario Bros. pipe ($20), and a ladle that makes it look like the Loch Ness Monster is swimming in your soup. If you have your heart set on something Back to the Future-related, you could nab this iPad case that looks like 1950-2000 Grays Sports Almanac. It’s not DeLorean, but it is only $28.

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