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The ‘charcoal’ color variant of the Google Home Hub leaks online

When the leaked images of the Google Home Hub first appeared earlier this month, people noticed a listing for a charcoal color variant, but no images could be found of the device. Now they have surfaced, along with a side profile image. The new images look identical to the others, except the color is different. The fabric around the base of the device is also darker in color, but both the power cable and the bezels are still white. Until official images are shown, the argument could be made that this is a prototype image and an all-black version will be released.

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No new specs have been released, but the images help confirm the idea that video calling is not included in the device. None of the leaked images either this week or last show a camera, and although there is a noticeable shutoff switch for the microphone, there does not appear to be one anywhere for a camera.

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The device boasts a 7-inch display that can show the weather, the route and estimated arrival time to a destination, images from Google Photos, and more. The Google Home Hub is expected to stream music as well, just like its smaller, screenless cousins. Although the full functionality of the device isn’t known, Google plans to announce it during the Made by Google event on October 9, so fans do not have long to wait to find out more information.

The Google Home Hub is rumored to retail at $150, which undercuts the prices of many of its competitors and hints that Google has plans to aggressively push the device. Given that smart home assistants are popular devices, but their display-equipped versions have not garnered the same amount of popularity, a more affordable option may change that.

All in all, the Google Home Hub looks like it holds the same focus on aesthetics as the rest of Google’s smart home lineup. The side profile looks like the display is around a 70-degree angle with a sturdy, wide base. Perhaps this device will end up as an essential part of a smart home network, but it may also end up an affordable alternative to pricey digital picture frames.

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