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Google’s latest Nest Hub smart display is almost 50% off at Walmart

The Google Nest Hub on a table.

If you know you know, Amazon’s Prime Day events are some of the best times to find fantastic deals on all of the latest tech, and the Prime Day Big Deal Days event that’s happening right now is no exception. But Amazon isn’t the only place where all of the fun can be had. You can get a smart display in your bedroom, living room, or multiple places around the house by taking advantage of Walmart’s offer that nearly halves the price of the second-generation Google Nest Hub. Instead of $100, the smart home device is down to a more affordable $60, for $40 in savings. You’ll need to proceed with the purchase as soon as possible if you’re interested, though, because we’re not sure what will happen first between the deal expiring or stocks running out.

Why you should buy the second-generation Google Nest Hub

The second-generation Google Nest Hub, the follow-up to the first-generation Google Nest Hub released in 2018, is our top choice for a no-camera display in our list of the best smart displays. While it doesn’t offer the option of engaging in video chats because of the lack of a camera, there’s a 7-inch touchscreen that you can use to access all of your other smart home devices and watch streaming content and tutorial videos. You’ll also be able to ask the Google Assistant to perform a variety of functions using voice commands, including creating reminders and broadcasting messages to the other Google Nest Hub smart displays around the house.

The most interesting feature you’ll get with the second-generation Google Nest Hub is its Sleep Sensing technology, which can detect your movement and breathing to determine if you’ve fallen asleep. A dashboard on the smart display will show you data such as how long it took for you to fall asleep from when you climbed into your bed, your respiratory rate while you were sleeping, and your sleep efficiency after taking into account snoring, coughing, and other restless periods.

Every room in your home and every family member will benefit from the addition of the second-generation Google Nest Hub, especially if you buy multiple smart displays from Walmart. From its original price of $100, it’s down to just $60 each, following a $40 discount. Plus, the more you buy at one time, and at these prices, the more you’ll save. You’re going to have to hurry in completing the transaction, though, because if you take too long to think about it, the bargain price for the second-generation Google Nest Hub may no longer be available when you get back.

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