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This hydroponic garden is also a lamp, and it’s green in every sense of the word

Whether or not you’re an avid gardener, plants and gardening can encourage you to let go of stress. Fortunately, those of us who lack the time, space, or skill to maintain a garden don’t have to miss out on the psychological benefits. Grasslamp, which launched a Kickstarter campaign today, is a hydroponic desk-lamp-slash-garden that serves to keep your work or living space bright, while adding a touch more nature to your life.

Made from 100-percent recycled materials, the lamp is doubly eco-friendly because it also incorporates power-saving LED light. Its white oblong shape looks pretty futuristic, as well. According to Grasslamp, the bulbs nurture the small garden and also provide a soft white light that is calming to users, creating a “mini nature oasis.” The LED light is good for the plants, too, and it accelerates their growth.

No special gardening talent is needed to successfully use a Grasslamp; all you have to be able to do is soak the seeds in water, put them on the lamp’s lid, and then spray them once or twice daily. The mini garden should be showing signs of life within four or five days.

Users have multiple options when it comes to what plants to grow in their Grasslamp. So far, there are more than 40 varieties of seeds, including micro-greens, wheatgrass, edible flowers, salad greens, and more. There’s even a pet-friendly grass that your furry pal can safely chew on.

The concept behind Grasslamp has been around since 2009, when it won a Design and Design Award. According to the company, its modern design, which features a steel mold, has garnered multiple international awards. Each Grasslamp is hand-assembled.

Available in black or white, a limited number of Grasslamps are available for $99 each and can be purchased on Kickstarter. Delivery is slated for July 2016, and the usual cautions about crowdfunding campaigns apply.

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