Whether you're a foodie or a forester, the GreenTraveler can help keep you full

Who says camping has to be synonymous with bad camp food? Meet the GreenTraveler, an innovative new container that can help you easily transport food, beverages, and other items no matter where your adventure may take you.

Having already raised over $75,000 from nearly 800 backers, the GreenTraveler speaks to the nomad in all of us with its eco-friendly and compact design. Whether you’re having a picnic in the park, hiking Machu Picchu, or just going to the office, the GreenTraveler can be the space-saving (yet inclusive) solution you need. “We created the GreenTraveler to offer a solution to people who leave the house and want a convenient, travel-friendly way to take food on the go without messes,” the GreenTraveler team says on its Kickstarter page. And that happens by way of its cylindrical design, complete with carabiner loops and six compartments that promise not to leak, spill, or break.

Modeled after a water bottle, the GreenTraveler features cups with secure lids, spacious compartments with flat bottoms, small compartments for vitamins, and is all food safe, dishwasher safe, freezer safe, microwavable, and recyclable. And while the container is made of plastic, the GreenTraveler team ensures backers that it has “no BPA or phthalates so it won’t leach chemicals in your food, even in a microwave.”

Promising to replace a number of other contraptions and gadgets (like bowls, plates, Tupperware, and bottles), the GreenTraveler purports to serve as a substitute for around $74 worth of other containers, for the singular price of $35. The GreenTraveler is expected to retail for around $50 when it hits shelves sometime early next year, with the current shipment date set for January of 2017.

So if you’ve been looking for a new lunchbox, a new picnic basket, or a way to bring your favorite food into the great outdoors, the GreenTraveler may be what you’ve been looking for all along.