Grove SkateBacks iPhone protector recycles material from old skateboards

grove skatebacks iphone protector recycles material from old skateboards

If the wood on skateboards are durable enough to withstand your weight and the scuffs of road conditions, it’s no surprise that the material would also make a perfect accessory to protect your iPhone. Portland-based company Grove is introducing a new line of stick-on case called the SkateBacks which recycles old skateboard parts into iPhone backs.

“Each week, enough waste material is thrown away from one skateboard factory to fill a city bus,” Grove said in a statement. The SkateBacks combines these broken parts to create a “100 percent post-industrial material product for the iPhone 4 and 4S.”

grove skatebacks iphone protector recycles material from old skateboards three colorsGrove sources production material by collaborating with the west coast skateboard factory PS Stix to obtain their raw waste before sending them off to skateboard jewelry maker Maple XO. The combination of these helping hands contribute to the SkateBacks’ final look that is contemporary and cool while promoting sustainability.

As with all products made from recycled material, no two items are alike. Your color options include tones of Calm, Neutral, or Vibrant. At  1/16” thick, the SkateBacks pastes onto the back your iPhone with a 3M adhesive and removable without residue. These hard cases help provide protection against scratches and bumps without taking away from the sleek Apple design.

Whether you’re a skater or an environmentally conscious iPhone user, the SkateBacks can be yours for $49. There’s also an ongoing giveaway if you want to try your luck at scoring one on the house.