Guitar Pee lets you make pissed-off music at the urinal

Guitar Pee Urinal

During your night out at the bar, the more drinks you have, the more you begin to feel like a rockstar. Everyone becomes a little more attractive, you start hallucinating about your own allure, then you pause. Looks like it’s time for a bathroom break, but the dreams don’t have to end there.

Guitar Pee is a urinal equipped with sensors that plays music when someone pees on it. The different strings play different electric sounds depending on the aim of the stream, and at the end of your session you can even send an “MPee3” straight to your phone to share your moment. Clearly, this isn’t a concept for the ladies but you can try to woo them with your song even if you don’t have a clue how to play a real guitar (they don’t have to know the source of your craft). After all, the Guitar Pee tagline is “Music. We know it comes from everywhere.” We guess it’s better to hear rock music when you pee than the generic trickling water sound.

Devised for Billboard Magazine by AlmapBBDO, the Guitar Pee urinal has taken a tour around several bars in San Paolo, Brazil recording more than 1,500 MPee3’s (and counting) that you can access and download via the online gallery. While this makes the bathroom break at bars more fun, we can imagine the lines getting almost as long as the female toilet line if this becomes more popular. It’s also probably not recommended for the drunks who are nearing the end of their night to pee sleepily into the urinal only to hear a blast of electric guitar noise blaring back. Lastly, how is someone supposed to go back to peeing into a regular urinal after this? It will all just feel so mundane.

Well, still a fun and interesting concept that we hope to see on display in the states some time soon. If so, it might be time for you musician wanna-bes to start practicing your favorite rock ‘n roll tunes. Perhaps start with the AC/DC Pinball Machine or a gTar iPhone instrument?

Watch the video below to see the Guitar Pee as recorded by webcams and how the urinal seems to finally make it okay for men to go to the bathroom together.