Handpresso Outdoor Espresso Kit packs caffeine supplies in small, classy package

handpresso outdoor espresso kit packs caffeine supplies in small classy package set gear patrol

Making your own coffee is a fine and personal art. We know countless people who love to wake up and head right to their at-home espresso machine, listening to screeches and grinding noises until the perfect beverage is prepared. Getting a personally-crafted brew when you’re out and about is more difficult. If Starbucks at the kids’ soccer game or your next picnic is unacceptable, this espresso kit from Handpresso takes significantly more effort, but might do the trick for the coffee snob. The Handpresso Outdoor Espresso Kit ($170) gives you all the tools to create what the company likes to call “nomadic espresso.” The kit includes a small non-electric espresso pump, four unbreakable cups, and a thermo-insulated flask to hold the necessary hot water. Instead of pressing a button like you do at home, this kit requires a little elbow grease, but that little bit of effort will help you craft a perfect shot of espresso with crema almost anywhere. The kit comes in a small black bag with a shoulder strap and everything is held neatly inside. Coffee addicts beware, the portability of this set might make upping your caffeine intake a little too easy. Perhaps best to save it for special occasions.