Hands-on with Bumblejax Instagram printing

hands on with bumblejax instagram printing

We’ve seen our fair share of Instagram print and gift services popping up lately, and we’ve been fans of most of them. From what we have seen of suitable wall prints, however, most places only have a single option for getting prints of your Instagram photos, and that one option may not suit everyone’s tastes. There aren’t a lot of high-quality print options either. You may have taken that photo with the camera on your iPhone, but we’ve seen plenty of Instagram snaps that are gallery (or at least home) – worthy. There should be printing options that due them justice. While it’s definitely not the least expensive service we’ve come across, we decided to give Bumblejax a try and were impressed with the company’s variety of options, all of which are definitely display-worthy, whether the print is going in a local art show or in your bedroom. 

hands on with bumblejax instagram printing bumble

Bumblejax is by far the most professional printing service we’ve seen for getting your Instagram prints from your phone to your wall, but the quality and options to come with a slightly higher price tag. Prices for square prints (like Instagram or Hipstamatic) start at $59 and go up depending on which mounting option you choose. The service offers large sizes and will even do custom sizes for a price. What is most unique about Bumblejax is the different materials that users can choose to have their photos mounted to. When ordering, users have a choice of getting their Instagram print (or any other photo, we should mention) sent to them on inexpensive foam gatorboard, slim acrylic plexiglass, modern aluminum, or natural bamboo. Each choice has its own style and benefits; they also vary in thickness and weight, giving everyone a near-perfect option. 

hands on with bumblejax instagram printing bamboogallery5

We sent our photo over to the folks at Bumblejax (users can simply upload from their computer) and requested that our print be mounted on the beautiful bamboo, which is about 3/4″ thick. Not long after, we received our print in the mail, and there was no question that it was worthy of wall-hanging. The square Instagram print turned out beautifully, thanks partially to our iPhone 4S’s nice new camera, and partially to the image experts over at Bumblejax. The photo looked great in terms of quality and had a nice, soft matte finish. The striated bamboo pattern can be seen from the side of the print while it’s hanging and gives it a substantial, expensive look. Even better, every mounted print that is ordered from Bumblejax comes ready-to-hang so you’re a hammer and a nail away from having beautiful, personalized artwork. 

While we can’t comment on the look and feel of the other mounting options, our bamboo print was beautifully done and we imagine that the same goes for any print ordered from the company. The price tag is a little more than average, but if you want something that stands out and have the extra cash, we’ll tell you that it’s worth it. We’d wholeheartedly recommend the bamboo print as a thoughtful gift or to our friends for their homes and apartments.