Hands-on with Loop Attachment Mummy iPhone 4 case: Wrap your phone with silicone

Loop Attachment Mummy iPhone case pink

My high school Spanish teacher had a wallet that was covered in duct tape. The thing looked like it was falling apart, but he claimed bandaging it in durable material kept the wallet sturdy and made it look cheap, so no one would want to steal it or the contents inside. At the time, the concept of wrapping your gadget anything didn’t make sense to me. Why would anyone think this design concept could be… desirable?

It’s probably because most wrap designs didn’t look anything like Loop Attachment’s Mummy iPhone case. There comes a certain point of utility, design, and durability where all three aspects mesh in-sync to form a product that’s actually wanted by the people. In our hands-on, we dig into what we love about this iPhone 4/4S case and what could be improved.

Look and feel

Loop attachment iPhone alternate view

Available in a giant array of colors, the Loop Attachment Mummy case is, off the bat, hip, trendy, and just looks minimal but cool. The silicone body is flexible, and simply fits over your iPhone by a light stretch over the four corners. Pre-made slots are cut out for the power, volume, and hold buttons while the entire lower end for the cords is mostly open. This means dockability with your home stereos and no fussing to get the battery charger plugged in. In the back, you’ll find the bandaged, mummy straps randomly hugging the body of your iPhone. The camera area is almost untouched, leaving no material to incur possible flash interference with the iPhone’s camera lens. 

On the hand, the silicone feels soft and comfortable to grip. It makes the iPhone 4 much less delicate to the touch, and easier to handle without the fear of dropping and destroying the glass. The lightweight body also adds virtually no difference to the iPhone, which is an added plus for those who dislike bulkiness. I also love that the Loop logo is not overwhelming or obnoxious, and blends quite seamlessly on the silicone.


The Mummy case may look like it has random straps along the back, but rest assured, these placements were no accident. The thickness of the silicone is the perfect size for a raised bumper in the front, allowing you to place your phone screen size down without any damage. The back also leaves enough room for you to pull the straps slightly apart and stick your I.D. card, credit cards, or a few dollar bills within. Much like the Speck SmartFlex Card case we’ve seen several months ago, the idea is for you to go out with your necessities all in one place. This way, you don’t have to lug a purse around if you’re out in a bar or a concert.

Loop Attachment Mummy iPhone case colorsThe difference between the Speck case and the Mummy is, because the straps are much more flexible, you can fit more than just three cards in the back. Still, we don’t recommend you overdo it before the silicone becomes too loose. From what I can tell, storing your credit cards on the back of your phone does not to interfere with their magnetic strips but discontinue use if you experience any problem.

We don’t have many gripes about the Mummy case other than the silicone tends to be a bit of a dust magnet, and that the bandage design leaves parts of your iPhone exposed. Still, because the thickness is just right, your phone should still be pretty protected since the silicone keeps it at least a few millimeters away from the iPhone’s surface. Keep in mind, however, that if you toss your phone in a bad and a set of keys happen to scratch your phone from within, that might still be an issue.

Bottom Line

Loop attachment mummy iphone case backWhile I personally like the idea of a bandaged iPhone — certainly much more than I liked my teacher’s duct tape wallet — this is an iPhone case I would switch to on special occasions. The Mummy makes a great accessory for replacing your wallet for the night, and is interesting enough to draw conversations about the design. At $25, it is also moderately priced for a comfortable case with a neat function.

The Loop Attachment Mummy iPhone case is available now in 10 different colors. Loop Attachment also sells the case in themed bundle, such as the Chicago set that contains the colors of the city’s official flag. A set of three Mummy cases will set you back $60 — not bad for a interchangeable accessory for the whole family.