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Interior design specialist Havenly giving free design advice to iOS 10 users

havenly gives free design advice via app havenly1
Redesigning the interior of a home is a process chock full of highs, lows, and (at times) extreme stresses. Be it deciding which drapes to buy and whether they should match your carpet or going back and forth on the color of your end tables, there’s a reason people get paid big bucks to design homes full time. Now, thanks to the online design site Havenly, anyone with an iOS 10-capable Apple smartphone can get professional design advice absolutely free. No more hitting a wall when redecorating. Simply fire up Havenly’s app and you’ll have expert-level advice in no time.

On the heels of Apple’s announcement of iOS 10, Havenly published a press release detailing exactly how its free Design Advice Service would assist users of the new Apple operating system. By connecting homeowners to world-class interior designers, Design Advice Service boasts the capability of letting anyone give a face lift to any room in their entire house. From furniture recommendations to hip new prints, Havenly is making its entire team of designers available to users free of charge for a limited time.

“Committing to a complete redesign is not always something everyone has the time and budget for, so we are making the virtual experience so much more personal and exciting by allowing ongoing access to a designer,” said Lee Mayer, CEO and co-founder of Havenly. “We pay close attention to our customers’ needs and understand the importance of having real-time access to a design expert for quick advice and decor tips.”

Developed in partnership with Prolific Interactive — a New York-based company — the Design Advice Service application still offers loyal users access to its core service of design, which pairs them with designers to redecorate rooms starting at $79. Additionally, the designer selects a completely personalized shopping list for the user, giving them the option of picking out new items for their home directly on the app itself.

“The mobile app elevates our consumer experience and allows us to connect with our consumer regardless of where they are in their design life cycle,” Mayer added. “We look forward to being a part of our user’s design journey.”

Concerning other features of the app, Havenly allows for easy chatting with designers, fully customizable interior design package configuration, specific uploadable room profiles, and easy-to-use mobile messaging. Available now, Havenly’s Design Advice Service application is free to download via Apple’s App Store.

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