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Haxson’s bladeless AirFan blasts cool air and music from your headboard

A Kickstarter campaign has just launched for a smart fan that bundles in a clock, a Bluetooth speaker, a light, and a charging port. The bladeless Haxson AirFan includes a heating mode, a formaldehyde sensor, and a purifier while maintaining a rather svelte profile. The HEPA filter should be able to stop contaminants like dust, smoke, pollen, and odor.

On the audio side, the AirFan uses Bluetooth 5.0, and plays nice with both Alexa and Google Assistant. This allows you to ask the AirFan to dim its light, set an alarm, or answer inane trivia that’s keeping you up in the middle of the night. It will also include what Haxson calls “sleep coach technology.” Even if that’s as simple as a white noise generator, it could be helpful for restless sleepers.

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If fiddling with your phone for simple functions is too much of a hassle, the AirFan also comes with a hardware remote. From here, you can adjust the fan, clock brightness, LED light, and more.

Haxson AirFan set on above headboard.

Even though the AirFan is largely positioned for the bedside, the slim and stylish design makes it equally useful by your desk, or anywhere else you might need to add some climate control.

Being able to manage personal microclimates with products like the Haxson AirFan can be a great way of mitigating extra costs of home heating and cooling. When you’re asleep, you don’t need your whole house at a certain temperature, you just need the bedroom taken care of. Using less power on heating or cooling that unused space also means helping the environment. Of course, if you need that cooling on the go, you can always just wrap a wearable fan around your neck.

The usual crowdfunding caveats apply here. Remember that backing Kickstarter campaigns never guarantees you’ll get the item you pledged for, or that you’ll get it on time, or that it will be exactly what was initially promised. If you’re cool with all of that, you can jump in on the $199 early bird pricing on the Haxson AirFan here.

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