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This sleeping bag liner has a heater so you can keep your toes and core toasty

Ravean LIfe - Sleep. Naked. Camping.
Ravean is known for its groundbreaking heated jackets that provide electric heat with only a small amount of bulk and minimal damage to your wallet. Now the company is bringing that heating technology to the camping community with its latest Kickstarter project — a heated sleeping bag liner.

The Utah startup is promising to revolutionize your outdoors sleeping experience with two different sleeping bag liners that provide radiant heat at your core and feet. Rather than replace your existing sleeping bag, the Ravean solution fits inside your sleeping bag, with zippers, drawstrings and adjustable heating elements for the perfect fit.

One version of the bag is designed with a mummy shape and can be used inside a sleeping bag, or as a standalone sleeping bag in warmer temperatures. Another version of the heated liner can be worn as a jacket around camp, allowing you to sleep in the liner and then make a few adjustments to convert it into a camp jacket. The jacket version adds sleeves and a hood with heating elements for even more warmth in cold camping weather.

Each liner comes with a newly designed 12V battery that can be used to charge mobile devices while you sleep. The new batteries are available in either 7800mAh or 15600mAh capacities, with both versions providing up to 12 hours of operation time depending on the settings. The latest version of the batteries features a compact, curved profile that is designed to fit that shape of your torso. It also is water resistant and includes a silicone mesh cover that helps keep the battery in place while you toss and turn in your sleep.

Lie it did with its heated jackets, Raven is using crowdfunding to raise the necessary funds to produce the sleeping bag liners and the new power cells. The bag liner Kickstarter project already has surpassed its initial funding goal of $20,000, accruing more than 500 backers who have collectively pledged over $100,000. The batteries and bag liners are available in different configurations, with the batteries alone costing $79 for the 7800mAh cell, while the entry-level bag without a battery is priced at $149. Ravean plans to deliver its bag in October of this year, at which point the price will jump to $99 for the lowest capacity battery and $199 for the liner.

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