Hem delivers easy-to-build furniture you customize online

Hem furniture

Fab, the design-focused German e-commerce site, pulled the curtain back today on its latest venture: a new site called Hem that will focus on customizable, factory-direct furniture that can be assembled without tools. Swedish for “home,” the new brand is a collaboration between Fab and its two recently-acquired design companies, Massivkonzept and One Nordic.

Jason Goldberg, founder and CEO of Fab, said on Twitter that the new Hem portal will be a spin-off business from Fab, rather than a rebranding exercise. The portal isn’t actually up-and-running just yet, but it’s due to open its doors in more than 30 countries in September.

Once it’s up and running, the site will offer a variety of “private label furnishings” made by renowned designers from all over the globe. But it’ll be more than just another online furniture store. Borrowing a page out of Massivkonzept’s book, Hem’s online storefront will reportedly feature a suite of customization tools, allowing you to tweak the design of each product –or create a new one altogether– until it’s exactly what you want.

Hem furniture
Customers will ultimately be able to choose from a wide variety of fabrics and colors – and have their furniture made to order from them.

Need your shelving unit to be arranged in a certain way? What about a chair with very specific dimensions? Apparently Hem will be able to handle it. Once your design is submitted, Hem takes care of all product development and manufacturing, and then ships your creation to your front door. As an added bonus, many of the company’s designs don’t require any tools whatsoever to put together — not even an Allen wrench!

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