Hercules XPS Diamond speakers resemble large jewels

hercules xps diamond speakers resemble large jewels 2 0 with netbook

Plain box-style speakers seem to be a thing of the past. Who wants a square when you can have speakers designed like any beautiful shape in the world, including the beveled cut of a solitare diamond. Hercules now offers a pair of USB computer speakers that look like just that: large, beautiful, black diamonds. The Hercules XPS Diamond speakers ($40) have a glamorous beveled design with a shiny black lacquer and translucent stand. The unique design mimics a perfectly cut diamond, with its point at the back of the speaker and the front emitting sound. The speakers are fully USB powered and only 3.5 inches in diameter each, making them a good option for portable sound wherever you need it. A miniature wired remote lets you control volume and the included velvet pouch (with separate compartments) keeps your speakers protected and scratch-free. While we can’t say anything about the sound quality of these puppies, they sure would look good next to our shiny silver Macbooks.