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This home-friendly biodigester lets you turn food scraps into usable cooking gas

Looking to leave a better world for our progeny than the one we inherited? It’s a tall order, but it can start with environmental efficiency in the form of an ingenious new system called HomeBiogas. While composting has long been considered an environmentally friendly move in and of itself, you can now take things a step further, using HomeBiogas to convert kitchen waste into usable cooking gas and liquid fertilizer. It’s the ultimate in self-sustained sustainability, making it easier than ever for families in even the most urban of environments to go green. And today, it launches its Indiegogo campaign, with hopes of coming to homes in a city near you.

The system, which resembles a miniature green house, features a number of components that allow for the transformation of your leftover scraps and organic waste into reusable energy. There’s a suspended digester tank, a built in gas storage unit, a heat-capturing solar cover, a special patented gas pressure mechanism and filter, as well as a chlorinator, which all work in conjunction with one another to digest up to 6 quarts of food waste a day. It then outputs clean biogas made up of around 65 percent methane and 35 percent carbon dioxide which allows for over three hours of cooking.

And because the HomeBiogas can be easily assembled at home or anywhere else you may choose to use it, you can be sure that you have clean cooking gas anywhere you go.

“Our goal at HomeBiogas is to make this system available to everyone, whether you live in a rural area or are an urbanite with a modern kitchen,” said Oshik Efrati, CEO of HomeBiogas.” Our system eliminates waste, makes clean gas, and puts an end to breathing in cooking smoke. If everyone owned a HomeBiogas unit, our world would be much cleaner, safer, and greener.”

To take part in this tech-forward green revolution, you can pre-order a HomeBiogas system for the early bird price of $890 (the retail price currently stands at $1,500), and rest assured that you’re significantly reducing your carbon footprint (which is, of course, a priceless feeling). After all, the system won’t just benefit you — it’ll “benefit your family, your community, and the planet.”

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