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‘Honeywell, I’m home’: Lyric gets into the security space

After Nest burst onto the scene, Honeywell came out swinging with Lyric, its feature-packed smart thermostat. At CES 2015, the company debuted a new addition to the Lyric lineup: A home security system.

Taking the concept of “security” broadly, the system includes cameras and motion detectors, as well as smoke alarms. It works in concert with the thermostat, of course, but also other devices. Honeywell works with Apple’s HomeKit software, so Lyric can sync with Kwikset Kevo locks, Phillips Hue light bulbs, and August locks.

The idea is that a simple voice command, such as, “Hello, Lyric, I’m home,” could trigger a bunch of responses, from the thermostat kicking on to the lights turning up to smart shades opening or closing. Alternatively, telling Lyric you’re going to bed could lock everything up tight. The system also comes with a touchscreen controller and works with smartphones.


“The Lyric family of products provides the comfort, protection and security homeowners want for their most valuable assets, and seamlessly connects with and automates other home systems to simplify their lives,” said Jeremy Eaton, president of Honeywell Connected Home.

The Lyric thermostat already uses geofencing to determine family members’ locations. With this technology, it can tell when no one is home or when you’ll arrive at the house and adjust itself accordingly.

One serious hurdle to getting consumers to buy into (or just buy) smart home devices has been recognition that these products exist. A trusted name brand like Honeywell could start to turn the tide on that front, but whether or not its security system can combat concerns about having home devices hacked remains to be seen.

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