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Honor enters the smart home space with premium devices at low prices

Honor, a brand owned by Huawei that’s known best for its smartphones, has now entered the smart home space. Honor makes a wide range of products in a variety of fields, including a MacBook equivalent called the MagicBook Pro and an iPad equivalent known as the ViewPad 6. What sets them apart is their price point. Honor’s products, like those of similar brands like Anker and Xiaomi, are significantly more affordable than the brand-name equivalents.

Among Honor’s first smart products is the Honor Vision X1 series of smart TVs the company’s first. The Vision X1 will be available in 55- and 65-inch sizes with up to 8K resolution. The “smart” features are not explicitly stated, but it’s likely the display will have some sort of built-in streaming capability. The 55-inch Honor Vision X1 will cost around 239 euros, or $285 U.S. The 65-inch version will be 423 euros, or around $465.

The next product in the Honor smart home lineup is the Honor Smart Vacuum, a cordless vacuum capable of both sucking up debris and scrubbing the floor underneath. It can also sterilize surfaces with ultraviolet light while you clean. The Honor Smart Vacuum will cost around $130.

Honor also announced the Honor Air Humidifier, which will cost around $99. That’s practically budget-priced versus many other humidifiers on the market. Honor also has plans for an air multiplier (or a fan without blades, according to the description), a desk lamp, electric toothbrush, and a smart kettle.

By releasing a range of premium products at affordable prices, Honor follows in the footsteps of other companies that have seen great success with the same strategy. Anker, TaoTronics, and Xiaomi all employ a similar tactic to attract customers. As the smart home market continues to grow, there is an increasing demand for more affordable products, particularly in the realm of smart TVs.

With Honor’s entrance into the market, people will be able to purchase smart home devices from companies other than just name brands. This will keep prices competitive across the board and drive more innovation from the companies that want to maintain their lead in the market.

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