HouseCall, the Uber for all your home services, secures 1.5M in seed funding

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On-demand service startups are all the rage right now. And earlier today, news surfaced that yet another is fighting its way to the top.

Founded by a team of ex-Qualcomm engineers, San Diego-based startup HouseCall aims to disrupt the service industry by offering simplified access to professional home services (including cleaning, repairs, electrical work, plumbing, landscaping, auto detailing, appliance installation, and much more) through its mobile app and website.

The company has recently finished up its beta testing round, and just announced $1.5 million in seed financing from venture capital fund This money will be used to expand operations regionally, then nationally if/when business begins to take off.

Despite being relatively similar to other on-demand service platforms, HouseCall’s business model aims to fill a gap in the domestic services industry.

Right now, if you live in the right area of the country (i.e. Silicon Valley or Manhattan), you can use a mobile app to quickly order things like maids and laundry service. Many of these startups, like like Homejoy and Exec for example, have hinted at plans to expand the range of services they offer, eventually breaking into things like home repair, maintenance, etc – but at this point, none have delivered. 

On the other end of the spectrum, we’ve got older platforms like RedBeacon and ServiceMax, companies that offer a wide range of domestic services, but require users to fill out numerous forms and wait for bids – not nearly the on-demand style that today’s consumers are after.

HouseCall hopes to take the market by storm by offering the best of both business models. It offers the wide range of in-home services like Redbeacon and ServiceMax, but through an on-demand modern platform similar to that of Homejoy or FlyCleaners.

The company hasn’t formally launched quite yet, but for the time being you can find out more at