Clean your microwave in minutes with this simple, chemical-free technique

There’s nothing worse than heating up a piece of pizza in the microwave and tasting last night’s chicken and rice and this morning’s oatmeal. If you open the door and smell pork roast from two days ago, it’s time to clean that thing and a paper towel with warm water isn’t enough. The inside of your microwave should be white. If it isn’t, you better get to cleaning. The process is incredibly easy and will only take about five minutes.

Step 1 – Fill a microwave-safe bowl with water and add either a drizzle of dish soap or a tablespoon of white vinegar, whichever you have handy.

Step 2 – Let it cook for about two minutes depending on how strong your microwave is. You want it to get nice and steamy but not boil over.

Step 3 – Keep the door closed and let the steam do its work for about three minutes.

Step 4 – Carefully remove the bowl, because it’s going to be hot.

Step 5 – Wipe off all the sides with a paper towel, and clean the plate like a normal plate.

If you don’t have dish soap or vinegar, cut a lemon in half, put it in a bowl full of water, and cook it for five minutes. This option is the most natural and the warm lemon makes your kitchen smell nice for a few hours.

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[Image courtesy of Africa Studio/Shutterstock]