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Furbo kept our friend’s dog from going bonkers when she was away

Dogs can be wonderful pets, but one big problem a lot of adult dog owners face is that their dog cant stand being alone. Man’s best friend can be exceptionally clingy, barking or tearing up furniture when left alone for hours on end. This can be problematic for those who work full time, particularly if you live in an apartment building.

If you don’t want your dog to disturb your neighbors, you’ll need some way to distract it when it starts to get anxious. Thankfully, there is a nifty gadget available for just that task: Furbo, a remote-operated camera with some interesting features.

At first, Furbo may remind you of an ordinary webcam. It sports a wide-angle, 720p camera. You can sync Furbo to your phone via a companion app, allowing you to check in on your dog remotely, through a video feed on your phone. The camera even has an infrared feature, so you can keep tabs on your canine’s activities in low-light conditions.

Furbo can detect when your dog is barking, sending an alert to your phone, at which point you can check in and speak to your dog via microphone. If your voice is not enough to soothe the anxious beast, you can use Furbo’s most striking feature: Its ability to launch treats at your dog.

Yes, Furbo sports a “treat tosser,” which allows you to fire off small treats — less than 1 centimeter in diameter — at your dog with the push of a button. Soon, your dog will learn that there is nothing to fear when you leave for work, as Furbo will always be there, watching and waiting.

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