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How to order pizza with your smart speaker

Get Pizza Hut or Domino's delivered using just your voice

Any day you’re craving some pie, getting it fast is a must. If you have Alexa or Google Assistant, ordering your favorite pizza is just a few commands away. Here’s how to order two of the top brands using just your voice and a smart speaker, like Google Home or Echo Dot.

How to order Pizza Hut with a smart speaker

If Pizza Hut is your choice for hot slices, you can order using Alexa or Google Assistant. To order Pizza Hut using Alexa, you’ll first need to get the Pizza Hut skill. Click on Enable, then you’ll be taken to a screen to link your Pizza Hut account to your Alexa account. Once everything is linked, you can create a new order using Alexa, or reorder one of your previous orders. You can say, “Alexa, open Pizza Hut,” and “Alexa, ask Pizza Hut to place an order,” or “Alexa, ask Pizza Hut to reorder.”

For Google Assistant, open the Home App and tap the Profile icon (it looks like a person) at the bottom of the screen. Then, choose Settings > Services > Explore. In the search bar, type Pizza Hut. Tap on the result and then tap on Link. You’ll be taken to a new screen to sign in to your Pizza Hut account. Sign in, then say, “Okay Google, talk to Pizza Hut.” You’ll be lead through the ordering process by Google Assistant.

How to order Dominos with Alexa or Google Assistant

Is Domino’s your go-to pizza place? Google and Alexa have you covered, too. To order using Alexa, you’ll need the Dominos skill. Enable the skill, then a box will pop up on your screen. Set the permissions by moving the sliding buttons to the right and then click Save Permissions. A new window will pop up and you’ll need to sign in to your Domino’s account to link Alexa with your account. Now, to order just say, “Alexa, open Dominos and place an order.” Alexa will walk you through the ordering process.

To order Domino’s through Google Assistant, open the Home App and tap the Profile icon at the bottom right side of the screen. Then, choose to Settings > Services > Explore. In the search bar, type Domino’s and tap on Domino’s when it pops up. Then, tap on Link on the new screen. Sign in to your Domino’s account to finish the linking process. To order, say, “Okay Google, talk to Domino’s.” Google Assistant will lead through the ordering process.

How to order Papa John’s

Ordering Papa John’s is just like ordering Dominos or Pizza Hut. With Alexa, you’ll need the Papa John’s skill, and then you’ll need to link your account. For Google, you’ll need to search Papa John’s, click on the result, then tap Link.

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