How to reset an Echo Dot

Many of us spend a lot of time teaching Alexa to recognize us, our preferences, and our voices. Resetting your Alexa to factory settings is essential if you are going to get rid of your device, whether you are upgrading and getting the newest model or selling your old one.

You don’t want any personal information leaving with it. Wiping your personal information and making sure your data is safe is easy. We’ll walk you through the two, simple steps to factory reset your Alexa so you can sell it or pass it on.

How to factory reset an Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot
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Step 1: Deregister your Echo Dot

If you’re getting rid of your Dot, the first thing you’ll need to do is deregister the device from your Alexa account. To do so, go on the Alexa app and click on Settings > Device settings > click on the specific Echo Dot you want to deregister > click Deregister.

When you deregister your Dot, this removes the device from your Amazon account, and the Dot can then be registered to a different Amazon account.

Another way to deregister

If you’d prefer using your computer to deregister your Dot, there’s a way to do that as well. First, you’ll need to launch your web browser and head on over to If you’re not already signed into your Amazon account, you’ll want to do that first.

Next, click on Accounts and links > scroll down to Digital content and devices > Manage content and devices. At the top of the next page, click Devices. You’ll see a gallery of all the Amazon devices that are currently registered to you.

Click the Dot you want to get rid of, scroll down, and click Deregister. There’s also an option here for erasing your audio recordings from the Echo Dot.

Step 2: Reset your Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot

If you have a first-generation Echo Dot, you need a paper clip or a pin. Use the paper clip to press and hold the reset button (located at the base of the device) until the device turns off and on again. The light ring should turn orange, and the device will then enter setup mode. Once you complete this process, your first-generation Dot is reset.

If you have a second-generation Echo Dot, you’ll need to press and hold the Microphone off and Volume down buttons at the same time for about 20 seconds. The light ring should turn orange, and the device will then enter setup mode.

If you have a third-generation Echo Dot, the process is simple. You just need to press and hold the action button for about 25 to 30 seconds. The light ring should then turn orange, and this means the device has entered setup mode.

Trading in your old Echo Dot

Echo Dot
3rd-generation Echo Dot

Amazon’s trade-in store accepts some Echo devices. You can get up to $5 for an Echo Dot third-gen or an Echo Dot kids edition, plus Amazon offers a bonus 25% off any new “qualifying” Echo device.

Selling your old Echo Dot

Maybe you received a few too many Echo Dots during the holidays, and you have an extra one lying around? Or, maybe you’ve decided you want to switch over to Google Home? If you want to just get rid of your device altogether, there are a few places where you can sell your old Echo Dot online. Sites where you can buy and sell tech, like Swappa, are a good option, as well as auction sites like eBay, or yard sale sites and apps like Letgo. On Swappa, a third-generation Dot typically sells for somewhere in the $24 to $28 range.

If selling or trading in your old Dot doesn’t suit you, you can also donate your device to a store like Goodwill. You may be able to use the fair market value of the device as a tax write-off, which can be beneficial during tax season.

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